We’re an eclectic bunch of thinkers, doers and makers.

We’re an eclectic bunch of thinkers, doers and makers.

Meet the team


Paul Kenny

Paul is one of the most experienced creative and communication event industry leaders in Australia, with an illustrious career spanning more than 35 years.

Managing Director

Jaime Nelson

Jaime has led teams that have delivered branded communications from Barcelona to Beijing, Rome to Rio and Sydney to South Africa; for iconic global businesses such as Microsoft, Pepsi, Samsung and Symantec.

Client Services Director

Andrew Korecki

AK is an innovative professional that actively develops and grows businesses. He loves leading teams and working with iconic global brands to develop creative and innovative ways to grow their bottom-line.

Executive Creative Director

Mick Thorp

Our ‘Art Director’s Club of New York’ award-winning design lead has shaped visual strategies in both hemispheres for the likes of Kimberly-Clark, Tourism Australia, Qantas and Colonial First State.

Head of Production

Natalie King

Natalie’s a 15-year veteran in the events industry, having delivered hundreds of live experiences throughout Australia and Europe for brands such as Toyota, Sony, UEFA, Optus and Heineken.